For suppliers

In its procurement activities, Rosatom seeks to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the entire procurement system in the nuclear industry, minimize material / equipment procurement expenses of its companies (including long lead items). An important condition of this activity is satisfaction of very strict requirements for manufacture quality and timeframe, and for safety. In a longer term, the Department shall perfect the open tender system for companies with state participation. The Procurement Center makes procurements in full compliance with the RF Civil Code and Federal Law № 94-FZ of July 21, 2005 on placing contracts for procurement of goods, performance of activities and provision of services for state and municipal needs. The Procurement Department strives to introduce common procurement rules and standards; encourage competitive atmosphere, and attract as many suppliers as possible. All this serves to lower purchase prices and save both governmental funds and Rosatom, including its affiliates and subsidiaries,  financial resources.

The new procurement system rests upon the good experience of state procurements and the purchasing practice of major Russian and international corporations. To raise the system efficiency and transparency, a common industry procurement standard was developed; relevant regulations and orders were issued, and model documentation was prepared. 

To comply with the transparency policy, all Rosatom procurements of more than RUR 300 K go to tender. Depending on the procurement goals and subject, and on market situation, the State Corporation resorts to various tender forms to arrange the procurement. In most cases, there are open tenders and open auctions based on the principles of competition, fairness and efficiency. Contracts go to tender / auction winner whose bid meets tender / auction requirements and offers the best terms.

Rosatom makes use of the and Auction and Bidding House web-based trading sites to make the procurements.