ledled Shipbuilding is one of the most dynamic business areas of  Atomenergomash.

Since the early 1950s the AEM enterprises have become leaders in the domestic market of designing and production of reactors for military and icebreaker fleets.

The strong positions of OKBM Afrikantov in marine nuclear reactor engineering, as well as the aggregate capacity of the division’s enterprises will allow AEM to become one of the leading suppliers of equipment for icebreaker and navy fleets, including reactors, shell equipment, monitoring and control systems, castings and forgings and components in the future.

Today, AEM can produce not only power plants but also other equipment for the shipbuilding industry. Due to the established production chain (from the semifinished metallurgical products to final production) AEM is able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of customers. AEM enterprises have equipment and competence to perform all manufacturing operations, ranging from foundry and blanking production to testing and packaging of finished products. In recent years, AEM significantly strengthened its presence in the market of equipment of the shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation primarily due to the supply of a range of non-power plant marine equipment supplied, including for the Russian Navy.

Modification of reactor plants, produced by enterprises AEM:

ABV - 6M
Thermal power of 38 MW
Unified reactor RU with integral type reactors and 100% of the EC in the first loop to ground and floating speaker
Thermal capacity of 150 MW
Serial Modular Reactor nuclear icebreakers, naval vessels
Thermal capacity of 175 MW
Integral type reactor with forced circulation for universal nuclear-powered icebreaker and a floating nuclear power plant (RITM-200M) 

  1. Reactor plant (design and complete supply)
  2. Heat Transfer Equipment
  3. Shafting with accessories (supplies of materials, manufacture of products and components)
  4. The steering gear (supply procurement and production accessories)
  5. Dosimetry systems and radiation monitoring
  6. Pumping equipment ship systems
  7. Hull castings
  8. Anchors and mooring device (supply procurement and production accessories)
  9. Fittings of various ship systems
  10. Equipment filtration systems, ventilation and air conditioning
  11. Lifting Equipment
  12. Integrated Management Systems multi-value

Military surface ships


Military submarines


Icebreaker fleet


Civil fleet




AEM provides design and delivery of:


  • Smithy
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Thermal production
  • Welding production
  • Mechanical assembly production
  • Machining production
  • ISO standards

Technological capabilities:   

  • Steel forgings in carbon, alloy, stainless and other steels practically limited size with complete control of quality in accordance with the specifications and standards

  • Ingots of structural and high-allow spring steels up to 415 tons

  • Production of iron castings weighing up to 140 tons

  • Casting of steel weighing up to 250 tons

  • All kinds of welding stainless, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and titanium alloys (product diameters up to 9m in length up to 100 m and weighing up to 1,200 tons)

  • Casting cranes and cranes hoisting capacity up to 600 tons

  • The unique dual-action press with a force of 15,000 tons

  • Machining of 6x14m and weighing up to 350 tons