Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The Volgodonsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” “Atommash” (belongs to the engineering division of ROSATOM –  Atomenergomash) has started installing internals into the first Steam Generator Vessel forAKKUYU NPP that is being constructed in Turkey. It is one of the most important and technologically difficult stages of Steam Generator manufacture.

 A steam generator is a heat exchanger that is a part of reactor plant and belongs to the items of the first class safety. Its diameter is 4 m, its length is approximately 15 m, its weight is 340 tons. Each NPP unit includes four steam generators.  

 During the process of installation, professionals install finished heat-exchange tubes of different configuration (with diameter of 16 mm and length from 10 to 14 m) into the Vessel. Then the coils ends are expanded in turns and welded to two headers of the steam generator. The total number of the components to be installed is 11 000.  

 The works are performed at the clean assembly site, where two vessels can be placed simultaneously.

 The next production stage is welding small bottoms. The equipment will be subjected to hydraulic test and a whole range of different inspections including eddy-current test of heat-exchange tubes.  

 At present, there are three more steam generator vessels for AKKUYU NPP at different stages of manufacture at Atommash. Professionals perform installation and welding of the primary collectors on two vessels. One more vessel is at the stage of preparation for installation of the headers.