PJSC ZiO-Podolsk proceeds to manufacture Kudankulam NPP equipment

Thursday, 02 February 2017

A regular event has taken place at PJSC ZiO-Podolsk (an incorporated part of National Corporation Rosatom – Atomenergomash division) within the frames of the contracts on equipment manufacture for Kudankulam NPP, India, units 3 and 4. The representatives of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), SC ASE, and SC VPO ZAES have taken part in the kickoff meeting on verification of the Company readiness to manufacture the equipment for the NPP reactor hall.

By the verification output the positive report was drawn up, pursuant to which the decision was made on production startup of high pressure heaters HPH-K-5, 6, moisture separator reheators MSR-1000-1, componentry and spare parts. Also the readiness of manufacture of componentry and spare parts for condensate tank and separate tank was proved.

In whole PJSC ZiO-Podolsk will manufacture MSR-1000-1 and HPH-K-5, 6 - eight sets each for the second stage of Kudankulam NPP. MSR-1000-1 cartridges will be made by new technology developed by PJSC ZiO-Podolsk specialists, and this allows elevating temperature of the heating steam at MSR outlet.

In 2003-2004 PJSC ZiO-Podolsk manufactured and supplied equipment for the reactor and machine halls of Kudankulam NPP, units 1 and 2: steam generators PGV-1000, MSR-1000-1, HPH – eight sets each, and 24 heat exchanging modules of passive heat removal system (PHRS), the pipelines of different purposes and filters.

In addition to reactor hall equipment, Atomenergomash supplies a number of key equipment for nuclear steam generating plants for units 3 and 4: steam generators, primary coolant pump, pressure compensator and reactor coolant pipeline.