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OKB GIDROPRESS shipped a set of equipment for Kudankulam NPP, Unit 4


 On 28th of May 2020 OKB GIDROPRESS completed a shipment of a set (135 pcs) of step electromagnet drives of the reactor control and protection system (CPS drives SHEM-3) to the St. Petersburg’s sea port. The equipment is appointed for Kudankulam NPP, Unit 4 (India).

The shipment was performed after successful completion of the approval tests on the benches for hot running-in and after acceptance inspection of the drives. The equipment was inspected by representatives of Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) to check its quality and availability for shipment. The inspectors were satisfied by the quality of production.

CPS drive SHEM-3 is intended for reactor start-up, power regulation and reactor shut-down by means of insertion of CPS absorbing rods into the core and removal of them.

The drive is designed and manufactured at OKB GIDROPRESS. OKB GIDROPRESS is a designer of all modifications of CPS step electromagnetdrives for NPP with VVER.