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Nuclear professionals from 10 countries undergo training at Atommash


One more group of foreign students of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI has completed their engineering practice in the Resource Center of the Volgodonsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” (belongs to the engineering division of ROSATOM – Atomenergomash).
Over the last six months 174 students of the Nuclear physics and Technology / Nuclear Power Plant Management course have completed their training at Atommash. Future nuclear professionals from 10 countries such as Vietnam, Jordan, Armenia, Egypt, Chile, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Kenya, Indonesia, and Tunisia have undergone their training at Atommash.
An engineering practice for foreign students lasts two weeks. Under the supervision of the plant engineers, trainees study design features of the nuclear equipment manufactured at the plant: Reactor Pressure Vessel with reactor internals, Steam Generators, Pressurizer and ECCS hydroaccumulators. Most of the time is devoted to quality issues. Together with the plant professionals graduate students study Ultrasonic Test and Penetrant Test methods. They perform the inspection of the full-scale equipment, in particular, eddy current test of heat-exchange tubes for the Steam Generator.
- The activity of the Resource Center is gaining momentum every year. If in 2015 80 students visited the plant, by the end of 2019 this figure will have grown 2.5 times, - says the Head of the Training Center, Olesya Khavro.
The Resource Center of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI was established in 2015. The main goal is training professionals for engineering, maintenance and repair of Russian and foreign NPP equipment. Groups of students undergo their practical training at the production site of Atommash and at the NPP – on the main and unit control boards in the turbine room.